28 weeks and 3 days!


Well looks like I may be one of the worst ever bloggers, I often think about writing an update but I’m oh so very lazy in the evenings and vegging on the couch is far too tempting most of the time! However, here I am back writing and that in itself is proof of a good day. The trio are now mostly sleeping through the night and everything is far easier with a good night’s sleep!

Harry is the golden boy and sleeps from 9pm until 7 or 8 am every night, he has been turfed out of our room and has his own bedroom now (they grow up so fast!)  Our little madams are somewhat more demanding and we still have them in our room. We give them a ‘dream feed’ at 11pm, we take one each and it only takes about 10 minutes for a quick feed and burp and they are now starting to sleep until 7am (ish) also. Now and again we still have one awake in the middle of the night but it doesn’t take too long to get them to settle.



You might recall that the triplets arrived at 28 weeks and 3 days gestation and yesterday I realised that they were 28 weeks and 3 days old so they have been ‘out here’ as long as they were ‘in there’! They may well be the smallest 28 week old babies I have ever seen, well maybe not Harry who is definitely the bruiser of the bunch but they are all on track for their corrected age, which is calculated from their due date making them 16 weeks old corrected today.

It is a lovely age really, they are full of smiles and giggles, holding onto their toys and much more curious when out and about now. I feel like things are getting easier all the time and despite a few challenges like teething or vaccine days (which involved 4 hours of 3 roaring babies) there is definitely an improvement in the quality of our day to day life. Routine is still key and the 2 hour midday nap is most certainly my salvation.

We are out and about much more and I have definitely become a more organised person as it is quite the logistical challenge to go out for a day! We don’t travel lightly and the people carrier is packed to capacity for our Sunday drives!! Granny and Grandad have been very helpful on some of our outings too and we have even sent them ahead on occasion with the buggies to have them set up for our arrival!


Next up on the triplets’ agenda is introducing solids to their diet and I can only imagine the mess that they will start to make when that commences. They are also starting to move and twist and turn so no more throwing them on the bed or leaving them on their play mats for a few minutes if I need to do something in another room. However, you have to embrace these changes and enjoy each phase for what it is so here’s to the next 28 weeks and 3 days….


2 thoughts on “28 weeks and 3 days!

  1. They are gorgeous! My little girl is nearly 15 weeks and she’s a full time job so I cannot imagine three of her!! Really enjoy the blog so thanks for the update.


  2. Beautiful babies, thank you for update Erica, they are growing up fast and look so healthy and happy. Siobhan was delighted to get to see the children when she was home. She should be arriving in Australia today xxx


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