The First Month at home



May Day, May Day!! Yes it is the first of May and no that is not a cry for help (just yet)! April has passed me by in a haze of bottles, bibs and dirty nappies but the three are thriving and looking really healthy.

What is it like? and Are you exhausted? are the questions on all my friends lips and the answer really depends on what time of the day you are talking to me! Between 7am and 4pm, I’m great, which is unusual for me as I was never a morning person but I wake up after 2 or 3 hours of sleep after the 4am feed feeling fresh as a daisy and I love opening the curtains, letting some air in, playing a bit of cheesy music (Harry Styles and Ed Sheeran are the order of the day at the min- I feel like Harry Styles is reading my mind when he sings ‘Stop your crying, it’s a sign of the times’). I’m full of the joys of life and gazing at the trips as I clean them and change their clothes and coo over them. After the midday feed, they take a nice long nap and I can shower, make some nice lunch or even go for a quick walk as there is always someone around to watch them for me. The 3pm feed is also ok but Little Miss Bright Eyed and Bushy tailed is fading somewhat at that point and if around 5pm, you ask me the same question, you might get a bit of a grunt or a groan as a response!

‘Sleep when the baby sleeps’ were words of advice imparted on me by most parents who have walked this well trodden path and of course it isn’t always possible but I completely get it now and it is very sound advice. If I get a little cat nap in after the 3pm or the 6pm feed, all is well in the world again but some days I like to arse around a bit and this is when things can go horribly wrong. Forget about children getting overtired, hell hath no fury like an overtired mother who stupidly, mindlessly scrolled through her facebook or instagram feed instead of getting a bit of shut eye. It is at this point that you could get your head bitten off if you ask me what is it like?….. I blame social media somewhat, when on earth did my friends lives become so damn perfect, if they aren’t brunching in some yuppie bistro taking photos of their eggs benedict, they are greek island hopping or taking a quick trip to the Big Apple, bunch of knobs!!! See, this is the overtired 6pm Mother talking and no one likes her! The real answer to the question though is that it is organised chaos and it is non stop but it is incredibly rewarding and when it all becomes a bit too much, you only have to look at Pippa’s chubby cheeks, Harry’s blue ‘hold me’ eyes or Hannah’s little pout to get yourself back on track and look at the bigger picture!

Their personalities are developing more and more and I think that the first impressions are still on point. Pippa is a character with huge eyes and a little butty nose and still looks really bold but she is actually the best behaved and a dream child. She feeds really quickly, burps immediately afterwards and is so content to just lie in her moses basket or on the play mat and have a good look around. Harry is also well behaved and not a bad feeder but Harry is starting to get a bit spoilt and I’m seriously struggling at times not to just pick him up when he cries… sometimes he is even just happy if you sit beside his cot and look at him, v hard to walk away!! Hannah still seems to be the more serious baby and very sensible but it is Hannah who was always the strongest who has had the most minor ailments, baby acne, thrush, dry skin, poor Hannah is having a rough week of it. Pippa also seems to be getting a bit of an eye infection or something along those lines and would you believe she has just started to cry…. on that note I will leave it there for now!


3 thoughts on “The First Month at home

  1. Delighted to read about life in the McNamara home. I’m fascinated with the progress all five of you are making together. It must be so rewarding at the end of each baby buy day.
    Hannah sounds like her Granny Paula, Harry like his Dad, and Pippa must be like her Mam?
    Three times the work. Three times the love X


  2. I can’t believe I’ve only found this blog now!! I LOVE it!!!!
    my triplets born 8 days after yours. Ria, Rosa & Noah were born at 35 weeks weighing 5lbs 5, 5lbs 1 and 4lbs 6. They spent 2 weeks in Neo and were all sent home together. Life is hectic but wouldn’t change it for the world. They are amazing!
    It also took me about 6 weeks to recover after the C -section. I was getting very frustrated in the early days as everyone was saying that I’d be fine after a few days but even walking down to see the babies in Neo was very painful. I also expressed up to week 10 which o was delighted with. A good start for them. Really really looking forward to your June blog. I hope Hannah, Pippa & Harry are doing well xx


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