Here come the girls…


Emotions ran very high in the Coombe today for our new family. I had butterflies since last Friday evening when we were informed that our two darling daughters were ready to be discharged. Last minute details were ironed out over the weekend and we booked our rooming in night in the Coombe for yesterday evening. I have cooed over hundreds of car seats with new born babies on my many trips in and out of the Coombe over the past few months, it has kept me going when times got hard and I was overjoyed today when our turn came to make the grand journey through those doors with our precious cargo.


The rooming in was a great idea. It was nice to have a dry run with our premature babies to give us a boost of confidence going home. We barely slept a wink even though both Hannah and Pippa had a solid sleep in between the 3 hourly feeding schedule. We listened intently to every grunt and groan and savoured every second lying beside our two girls.

Today was bittersweet in that not only were we bringing the girls home but we were breaking up the trio for the first time. Harry spends the majority of his time asleep, including when we are trying to feed him via a bottle, which is part of the reason why he isn’t ready for discharge just yet but right before we left today, he definitely gave me a deliberate look to remind me not to forget him…. there he goes again breaking his mother’s heart.

Hannah was always on course for discharge around the 36 week gestation mark as she has been the golden girl in terms of premature babies but it was our little miniature jockey Pippa who really surprised us with her last minute sprint for the finish line determined not to let her sister out of her sight.She is some girl to take a bottle!! She is small and mighty this one and it is very fitting that the two girls chose today to remind us of the strength and determination of the female species, given that it is their Grandmother Paula’s 70th birthday (herself a twin and a similarly minded strong-willed character!)

Happy Birthday Paula, and Jane of course, hopefully these two will continue to do you proud!









7 thoughts on “Here come the girls…

  1. Great news Erica the girls are beautiful and I’m sure it won’t be long until Harry is home with you all xxx sending our love and best wishes


  2. OMG they are so cute Erica , all the best to u and John over the next few months getting used to rearing 3 little babies, and years full of joy and happiness x


  3. And so starts the next step in your journey – all five of you – and I wish you every happiness and blessing

    Oh and yes! Happy Birthday to Paula and Jane.


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