The end is in sight…


I have sat down to write a blog update about ten times over the past two weeks and every time I get distracted but here we go at last! Life has become incredibly busy and I do wonder what it is going to be like in the coming weeks and months when we get the triplets home.

So we are on the home straight in the Coombe! Once the triplets passed the 32 week mark, we noticed a huge difference every day. They are now getting the hang of bottle feeding and every second feed is through a bottle whilst they still have their nasogastric tubes in for the alternate feeds to give them a rest (sucking, swallowing and breathing all at the same time is hard work!)

Harry is the only one who still has a little breathing assistance known as low flow but they have started weaning him off that today.

They are doing extremely well on the weight front and are all over 2kg which is one of the criteria to be met before a premature baby can be discharged.  Harry at 5lbs is the biggest whilst the girls are both around 4lbs 5oz. Pip Squeak’s nickname no longer suits her as she has passed out Hannah and is one hungry little madam! It is so impressive that they have more than doubled their weights over the last 7 weeks, their days in the incubator do feel like a distant memory and these days I skip into the Coombe full of excitement about the day ahead.  It is great that they are now in cots and we can interact with them as much as we like. We’re getting well used to changing nappies, baby gros and bathing them etc.

They have only been together in one cot on one occasion and it was a lovely sight, it was a tight squeeze in the cot and I’m beginning to think that Pippa did her mother a favour by demanding to get out early- I can’t imagine carrying the three of them at this point!

I feel like I am back to my usual self somewhat, it definitely took a full 6 weeks before I could enjoy a bit of a brisk walk or anything like that but I am now trying to incorporate a little exercise into my daily routine. I went for a physio check up at 6 weeks and I still have some abdominal separation so mothers of multiples, beware- this is something to work on, plenty of pelvic tilting and strengthening exercises over the next few weeks to sort the remnants of the belly out! Life still revolves around 3 hourly expressing and I’m very proud to have fed them exclusively on breast milk thus far but we will see how that goes in the coming months, currently trying to set out a feeding plan going forward.

There is now lots of mention and talk of the triplets coming home in the next two to three weeks. We will stay overnight in the hospital with them as a trial before taking them home. Hopefully my next post will open with a photograph of one or more of the three making the grand entrance home. After almost 50 days in Intensive care/ High Dependency, the end is finally is sight my friends but really it is just the beginning…


6 thoughts on “The end is in sight…

  1. Well done on the breastfeeding Erica, did not think it is possible to feed three babies. Great the babies are progressing well Xxx


  2. Well done exclusively breastfeeding them! Such a good start for premature babies. I’m sure that hasn’t been easy so just wanted to say well done you.


  3. Hi Erica John & Triplets

    You have an amazing mum & dad babies and they are presently showering you with lots and lots of TLC.

    Glad all going so well and heres hoping you will all be home soon but not too early.

    I met my friend Ger in Foxrock earlier today and I was telling her about you guys. Hers are now nearly 2 or maybe 3. They went to 34 weeks and one of them was discharged after 1 week in hospital. They are thriving now but need lots of care. I only had a brief chat as I was going out to play and she was on her way home.

    Keep up the good work and really looking forward to seeing the babies over the next few weeks/months.




  4. My Triplet boys will be 15 in June and your post is so similar to our journey. Enjoy every second of it because it goes very fast. You have many years of fun and rewarding times ahead. Georgena (Auckland NZ) originally from Dublin


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