2016:The year of the surprise

Sometimes I forget anything else that has happened in 2016 except for our big news but this morning whilst lying in bed and given that it is New Year’s Eve, I was a little nostalgic and took out my 2016 diary where I often jot things down. When the mood takes me I fancy myself as a bit of an Anne Frank and I really wish that I did it more regularly because it is great to read back on!
In January 2016, we were finishing up our month long honeymoon in South Africa and things were really rosy in the life of John and Erica. 2016’s diary opens with a list of vineyards that we visited in the wine region outside Capetown, then there is an account of the shark dive at Gansbaai on the Garden route.
On the plane home, I was a busy bee indeed and made a list in the diary of all weddings we were to attend in 2016 and a list of all the flights I had to book. We were very lucky in 2016 as our friends went all out on the wedding scene and we had nuptials to attend in Malta, Portugal, France and Turkey not to mention the beautiful venues all around Ireland.
June is filled with stories of New York where I went to visit two of my best friends and there are a few wild nights out in July that got a mention!
But it is at the start of August when the tone of the diary starts to change and Anne Frank even goes a little quiet on us in September… something is awry!! She comes back to us in October and this jet setting, gym loving, Thursday night wine drinking girl is almost unrecognisable, there isn’t an exclamation mark in sight…. she has been struck down by morning sickness and is not dealing with this pregnancy lark well at all.
Week 6 – 18 of the pregnancy was marked with vomit every single day and several times a day at that. There is no nice way to put it and calling it a bout of morning sickness doesn’t do it justice. There were times when I lay on the bathroom floor in work sobbing after being sick for the 7th time that day and wondering how on earth I could get through 9 months.
Some days dry toast worked but some days it didn’t and there were some really low points like ending up on all fours in Waterloo station on a platform at rush hour heaving into a plastic bag…. which it turns out had a hole in the bottom of it! That nauseous feeling followed me for 12 long weeks with no reprieve and it would suck the life out of you!
I had no idea what it was like before and I take my hat off now to every woman who has been through it carrying one baby or 8 because it is not easy and I do think people need to be mindful of it and provide support where at all possible.

For those that are currently suffering, it is very hard to give advice as it is varies from one person to another but whatever you do, keep trying to eat and keep your blood sugar up. I found baked potatoes were very comforting and stayed down well as well as ice lollies when I was really bad. Soup and bread was also a life saver and in London I had Pret a Manger’s chicken, brocolli and brown rice soup every day for two months.
Little and often is key and just keep drinking water too. Ginger ale worked for a little while but any sort of fizzy drinks can get sickening too. One day at a time though is the only way to get through it! It did get a lot better around week 18. There are still a few bad days but on the whole things are much more manageable.
For those pregnant women who bound around without any symptoms…. I’m not ready to be friends yet, I’m still too bitter!!!
In November, the diary starts to improve, I venture out to the cinema a few times and start to enjoy a few hot chocolates and evenings out with my friends again! Another highlight during my pregnancy was pregnancy yoga. I went to Yoga Haven in Clapham on Saturday mornings for their class and it was def my favourite time each week. Meeting other pregnant women was lovely and just gentle exercise made me feel a bit normal again. I would really recommend pregnancy yoga to anyone, it is really relaxing and good for any sort of pains. I practiced lots in the evenings at home too and found it really eased my back pain. If there aren’t any classes near you, have a look on Youtube as there are some great short videos there. Take it all really easy, never put yourself under any pressure- just do what you can.
And now it is New Year’s Eve, I bought myself a shiny new 2017 diary and I keep writing my name and address and birthdays etc in really neat, nice writing with my best pen!! But I can’t wait to get to the good stuff, I can’t wait to make the memories. No matter how tired I am, I promise myself to write some little note every week.
2016 shocked us all, Leicester City won the Premier League, Brexit happened, Ireland beat the All Blacks for the first time, Donald Trump is President-elect of the United Stated of America but for me 2017 is going to blow 2016 out of the water.
Happy New Year to everyone x


11 thoughts on “2016:The year of the surprise

    1. Congratulations! You are over the half way mark- woop!! Such exciting times! Thanks for the lovely feedback. Happy new year and good luck with the new arrival in 2017


  1. Lol to the sickness! I wasn’t quite as brave as you and didn’t attempt to work my way through it. The best thing ever, the second your babies are safe and soundly delivered, your taste buds return, there’s no nausea and food tastes so so good again, no heartburn what so ever!! You’re doing great and another great post! I’m home and all is good. You’ll get there too. Xxx


  2. Woke up on this stinking hot New Years DAy in Mullumbimby with thoughts of Goldilocks & her 3 bears and was wondering how you are all doing & then I log on over breakfast and here you are with another wonderful update……..oh god felt sick myself Erica reading about your experiences with sickness…….how you got through work feeling like that is beyond me! Throwing up is something I do not cope very well with so reading what you have had to go through not going down well……..when you have your three little bears safely in your arms & you get those first cuddles & kiss their little heads, fingers & toes all of what you have endured will be worth every toilet hug and plastic bag fill 😘. I’m just getting a flash of you sitting at the end of my garden in Manly after you did your Manly to Spitt walk grinning from ear to ear eating homemade tomato soup and looking as happy as I was to have you there. So glad your now where you need to be being totally looked after. Big hug and can you believe it……you can no longer say your babies are due next year…….ITS THIS YEAR πŸ‘πŸ˜€πŸΎπŸ‘£πŸ‘£πŸ‘£ xxxxxx


    1. Happy new year siobhan! Awh I remember that lovely soup and the gorgeous walk! Feels like a very long time ago now. Can’t believe that they will be born this year alright-2017 is going to be a big one!!! Xxx


    1. That’s a good idea Rooney!! He was there to hold back my hair at Waterloo station in fairness to him- should have gotten a mention there!! Happy new year to you and Helen!

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  3. Good morning from across the pond as they say! I just discovered your blog , looking forward to hearing more about you, John and those wee ones soon to arrive. God bless.


  4. Read your post out here in India. Longing to return to Ireland, but can’t find a way in somehow. I’ve four kids, eldest 21, youngest 14, all born separately. Wishing you all the best with your pregnancy.


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