A stitch in time…..


So I am back on the old sod after all these months of planning and organisation and you know what it feels good!! We flew back on Friday evening after my last day in work in London. Temporary retirement from banking has arrived and who knows when I will be in a fit state to work again!! I’m extremely relieved to put my feet up though and it now seems that it was exactly the right time to do just that.

We spent our first weekend at home at a family wedding which was lovely and a great chance to meet up with John’s family as I won’t get to see them at Christmas. John’s cousin got married in Tinakilly House in Wicklow and it was such a fab venue, brilliant wedding and great fun!

We stayed in Dublin for the weekend and on Monday morning, we went to the Coombe for the first appointments there. I was quite excited to get all my care sorted in Ireland and to meet all the staff there. I was so impressed with everyone I dealt with and immediately felt like I was in safe hands.

The scan looked great and the three have gained plenty of weight and are growing well which is really positive. It wasn’t all plain sailing though and it was identified that there was an indication/risk that these three were eager to get out for the Christmas or New Year’s celebrations. Just when I thought that I was heading home to see my family, it was recommended that a procedure was required to attempt to keep these babies in a little longer. I was admitted for two nights and underwent a minor procedure which will hopefully assist in keeping them in! I also received some steroid injections which will develop their lungs if they do happen to arrive very early. I was allowed home on strict advice to rest as much as possible and limit my movements from the couch/ bed to the bathroom so I’m acting as lady of the Manor and have my entire family running around tending to my every need. It is times like this when you realise that nothing compares to the tlc provided by your Mother and family.

I’m really nervous now, I am 23 weeks and 4 days and every day is crucial at this point but I also need to remain calm and do as I am told.

Please little ones- stay put, we will all spoil you lots next Christmas but for now, just have the craic in there amongst yourselves x!!



6 thoughts on “A stitch in time…..

  1. Erica,

    What a fab last line!! I’ve just had my little one and she’s in an incubator in ICU for her lungs but there were twins born the day before who are premature and they have absolutely no issues, albeit being a little lighter. Best wishes, I love reading your words. Emma Xxx


    1. Huge congrats on your daughter Emma, hope she is flying it. Thanks for your positive comments and hopefully all will be well with these three also. Have a brill Christmas with your lovely daughter xx


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