Our bags are packed…

Our bags are indeed packed… are we ready to go? That is another question entirely!

My husband, John and I have lived in London for 7 years and on October 7th  2016 we discovered at our 3 month scan that we were expecting triplets. The word shock doesn’t even begin to cover the feelings that we both felt that day. A lot of life decisions were required and life was suddenly on fast forward.

John is from Cork, I am from Kildare. We met when working with a financial and IT consultancy firm called First Derivatives in Northern Ireland but the romance didn’t really blossom until we were both living in London working on projects there. Our whole ‘courtship’ happened in London and it is a city that has a special place in both of our hearts. We married in Mijas in Spain in May 2015 and have lived in Clapham Junction for the past 3 years. Even though we are in bed most Saturday nights by 11pm, we love the hustle and bustle of Clapham. I’m a big fan of the café culture and I love my Saturday morning runs around Clapham or Wandsworth Common. It is very stylish around Northcote road and a lovely place to have a coffee and watch the world go by.

We were lucky in that once we decided to start a family, it happened very quickly for us and in the early days of pregnancy I remember watching the yummy mummies saunter along the street at the Saturday morning food markets, their bundles of joy perfectly kitted out  in beautiful outfits and playing with their siblings. I couldn’t help but imagine myself pushing my bugaboo with little McNamara Junior, making new friends and just loving my new life as a Mum…. Well the best laid plans are oft laid to waste and this whole triplet news had put a spanner in the works…

After a lot of deliberation we decided that the best place for us was Ireland, we needed our family more than ever. Our long term plan was always to move home but both of us were still enjoying London and we are the type that generally drift along… the ‘if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it’ type. Perhaps, this was the kick we needed to make the move, to officially settle down and make a definite life plan.

So since October 7th, I have handed in my notice in work, we have ended our apartment lease, we have bought a Citroen C4 Picasso 7 seater with three iso-fix points in the back seat for the bambinos and we have packed up our London life and piled it into said 7 seater. John is heading for Holyhead to get the ferry to Dublin port and on December 16th (my 31st birthday) I will fly home on a one way ticket to the Emerald Isle….

Are we really ready to go?….. well watch this space my friends!!

21 thoughts on “Our bags are packed…

  1. Wow Erica so loved reading this and look forward to your updates….what a wonderful idea and what a reality check seeing it in black & white that it’s almost 31 yrs ago since I made that journey to Dublin in the middle of the night with a very nervous Skinner who was about to become a Dad for the first time…..31 Years since all 9 lb 10 oz of an adorable you was born 😀. Travel safe Goldie Locks with your three bears and so looking forward to your updates especially the funny ones because there is defiantly going to be plenty of them. Big hug xx

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  2. Loved reading this, and looking forward to reading about the rest of your journey. Imagine how shocked your great-granny was when she had triplets 90 years ago now. The story going around our family is when grandad came up from working in the field and the nurse told him he had 3 babies that he turned around to granny and said ” Mary which one will we keep” best of luck on your journey home and have a lovely Christmas xx


    1. Thanks Brigid, what a woman, I wonder how she did it all those years ago without scans and intensive care etc- amazing! Have a lovely Christmas also and thanks for following!


  3. I think the most startling change since the news broke has been to Johnnie’s hair – gone are the free spirited flowing locks of old, replaced with a militaristic style you could set your watch too. This is a serious man. This is a citreon Picasso driver. This is a man ready to raise triplets.


  4. Fair play to you guys for being so organised, love the new baby mobile. Can’t wait to see you and John at Christmas. Great idea, looking forward to hearing about this super journey. Safe home next week. You are one of the gang now Erica, the multiple birth mammy’s!


  5. Hi Erica,
    Best of luck with the move back home and of course with the pregnancy.
    Hopefully I will get to see you whenever I get over to Uncle Eamon.


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